What Are the 4 Types of Construction?

The types of construction projects can be divided into two categories. Institutional and commercial construction includes homes, office buildings, and shopping centers. These types of projects typically involve hiring subcontractors, and the process is similar. Large-scale institutional projects, such as stadiums often involve repairing or expanding existing buildings. Residential construction, on the other hand, focuses on larger-scale structures. It is the primary task of a construction company, but a subcontractor can also perform it.

Industrial construction refers to construction projects requiring a high level of technical skill or specialization. For-profit corporations generally do these types of construction. For example, the power industry may build a nuclear or hydroelectric power plant. This type of construction is considered “specialized” and requires specialized skills. To determine the best kind of construction for your project, you need to understand the differences between the four major types of construction.

Institutional and commercial construction is adding structures to an accurate property site. In this type of construction, the property owner initiates the project, and in some cases, the land is purchased for public use. Individual landowners may undertake residential construction projects and general contractors, specialist house-builders, and providers of social housing. A mixed-use development may involve residential and non-residential construction.

Public and institutional construction involves the construction of public structures. Schools, stadiums, and metro systems are examples of available designs. These projects require specialized knowledge and contractors. They are usually completed by contract with contractors. They typically use subcontractors for trades such as carpentry and bricklaying. 

Architects and engineers are often hired to design these buildings, and specialists can ensure that the structure is suitable for the particular occupation. Meanwhile, industrial and specialized construction can include oil refineries, solar power plants, and daycare centers.

Heavy infrastructure and residential construction involve building structures and renovating existing systems. Private businesses and government agencies mainly fund it. It can also include railways, bridges, and tunnels. In some cities, these types of construction are seasonal. The work of road building begins in the winter and stops in the summer when it’s dry. Then, road construction resumes in good weather. A heavy-infrastructure project uses underground or overhead power sources.

In general, the four types of construction vary in the amount of work, nature, and complexity. However, there are some significant differences. Some are considered industrial construction, while others are purely residential. A business is a specialized industrial construction. A for-profit corporation might be a commercial entity, while an educational establishment might be a nonprofit organization. In this type of construction, the building or property owner will be responsible for its maintenance.