Local Cultural Experiences

No visit to another country would be complete without interacting with its people, and a safari in Tanzania is no exception.  In addition to our wonderful staff, many of whom are local, you will get to know our resident Maasai warrior during your stay in the Serengeti.  He will be happy to teach you the finer points of his culture.  The Maasai are a semi-nomadic people indigenous to Tanzania and Kenya.

If you are lucky enough to be guided by our owner, Tom Lithgow, then you are in for a real treat.  A native Tanzanian and lifelong guide, he is totally in his element in the bush, extremely knowledgeable of the terrain, plants and wildlife.  You might say it’s in his blood, as his father was a noted guide and once led John Glenn and Roy Rogers on hunting expeditions.  Like our other guides, he knows where to go and what to look for, and he takes great pride in introducing you to the African bush and all its wonders.

During your stay on Lupita Island, you will have the chance to visit a local fishing village, unchanged for hundreds of years, which receives very few outside visitors.  You will meet their village elders and perhaps the medicine man, see where they live, and learn about their way of life, which includes fishing in the lake.  Most visitors would agree that the best part is interacting with the children, who are an absolute delight and will be very excited to see you!  This excursion is always a highlight of everyone’s trip to the island and shouldn’t be missed.

For those who plan an extra day in Arusha before or after your safari, don’t miss shopping at the local Maasai Market.  There you will find friendly local merchants who wouldn’t dream of letting you go home empty-handed, as well as tables and tables of beautiful hand-made items for which you are encouraged to negotiate a price.

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