Seeing the Great Migration

Along with the largest and most varied concentration of wildlife on the African continent, the Great Migration is what brings hundreds of thousands of visitors to the Serengeti each year.  The spectacle of thousands of wildebeest thundering into and splashing across the Mara River is one you will not soon forget.

One of nature’s greatest events, the Great Migration refers to the constant movement of large grazing herbivores, mostly wildebeest, in search of fresh grass.  The migrating group includes 200,000 zebra, a million gazelles, and of course 1.5 million wildebeest.   But where these animals are you will also find all the predators that feed on them, like lions, leopards, and cheetahs, so being near the Great Migration makes for some excellent all-around game viewing.

There is no specific season for the migration; it is a year-round circuit from the southern Serengeti in Tanzania, up into the Masai Mara region of southern Kenya, then back down into the Serengeti again.  One cannot completely predict the behavior of animals, and each season’s migration schedule may be altered by environmental factors such as fire or rainfall.  Fortunately for you, our mobile luxury camp in the Serengeti is repositioned three times each year in order to remain as close as possible to the migration.  Therefore we are always within striking distance of these enormous herds.

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