Your First Game Drive

Almost immediately upon arrival in Tanzania’s Northern Circuit, your first game drive will begin.   Our special safari vehicles are hardy and have been modified for the rugged African bush.  They are completely open-sided, which allows for unobstructed viewing for all passengers, and when the top is rolled back, one can stand and enjoy the 360 degree view.  Each vehicle is equipped with a refrigerator so snacks and beverages are always on hand.

If your itinerary starts at the Ngorongoro Crater, then you are in for a real treat.  The Ngorongoro Crater is an enormous unbroken caldera, the result of a volcano which collapsed upon itself millions of years ago.  The flat crater floor is now home to 30,000 animals, including wildebeest, zebra, buffalo, gazelles, and leopards, as well as the densest known population of lions.

Following a drive to the crater’s rim, the driver will slowly begin the descent into the crater.  Gradually, the terrain will change, from more dense forest near the rim to bush and grasslands near the floor.  Then, all of a sudden, you will see your very first animals.  It could be a small group of cape buffalo – one of the “big five” – or it could be a family of baboons or perhaps a herd of zebra.  The stream of animal sightings will be endless, so have your camera ready, with plenty of memory and extra batteries.

If your itinerary begins in the Serengeti, you will see herds of animals even as you depart the airstrip, for this legendary park offers the largest and most varied concentration of wildlife on the African continent.  Seeing the most iconic animals – elephants, lions, zebra and giraffe, for example – will be thrilling and perhaps seem a bit surreal, but the real surprise will be all the other animals along the way…  a mother hyena and cubs, an enormous pod of hippopotamus lazing in the mud, a family of bat-eared foxes, the odd solitary ostrich wandering in the distance, birds of every color.  The diversity will astonish you.

We employ only the most experienced local guides and drivers.  They are experts on wildlife identification and behavior, and can easily spot animals you will only see with binoculars.   For many, though, you will not need binoculars at all, as they will be only within a stone’s throw from the vehicle.  Your guide will stop and allow time to take photos, all the while explaining more about the animals you are viewing.  A camera with a strong zoom lens will be all you need to capture shots that will amaze your friends and family.

“Our journey started with a bang as we drove under a large tree filled with sleeping lions with full bellies after their morning feast.” – Ken H., Palo Alto, CA

“Your trips throughout the national park will surely be unforgettable. What amazed us the most was that you will feel like being part of the park – animals don’t shy away as there are so unbelievably few tourists around. It felt like around every corner a new herd of exotic animals was waiting.” – Florian S., Berlin, Germany

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