Sustainability and Eco-friendliness

Tanzania is more than just a beautiful vacation destination; it’s our home.  We know that we have a responsibility to take care of the land and environment where we work.

While our Serengeti camp is mobile primarily so that we can maintain close proximity to the Great Migration, an added benefit of this flexibility is that it has a very small environmental footprint.  Ever eco-conscious, we prefer to keep the parks here as pristine as we found them, preserving them for generations to come.  Therefore, everything in our camp is packed in and packed back out.  Our eco-friendly one-liter flush toilets use very little water, and the electricity in the tents comes from solar panels charged during the day.  We are currently participating in an initiative to eliminate plastic water bottles from the Serengeti, so instead we have our guests use refillable metal water bottles.

Although our Palahala Camp and Lupita Island resort are permanent, we use solar power and eco-friendly flush toilets and recycle where possible.  Most of the fish and produce we prepare and serve on the island was purchased from local villagers at their markets, which keeps our costs down while helping to fuel the local economy.