Tanzanian People

While most of our guests look forward to the wildlife on safari, it is the people of Tanzania who make the biggest impression on them.  Among the most welcoming in the world, you will be impressed by their joy, kindness and warm spirit.  Most of our staff are native Tanzanians, so you will have a chance to get to know them during your stay.

Masai Warrior in TanzaniaThere are over 120 tribes in Tanzania, including the famous Maasai.  Perhaps the most well known of East Africa’s ethnic groups, they are pastoralists whose livelihood and culture is based on the rearing of cattle, which are used to determine social status and wealth. They dominate northern Tanzania but only occupy a fraction of their former grazing grounds in the north, much of which they now share with national parks and other protected areas. They are easily recognized by their single red or blue garments, and you might see them in the Ngorongoro Crater as well as the Serengeti.

If you visit Lupita Island, you will have an opportunity to interact with local villagers, which is always a highlight of our guests’ stay here.  There are two small, traditional African villages close to Lupita Island that represent unique opportunities to experience village life unchanged over the centuries.   A vigorous one-hour walk away to an adjoining island, guests can experience a living replica of a traditional African fishing village. A half-hour boat ride away, there is another village with a weekly market where Lupita Island chefs purchase fresh fish and produce. Other than Lupita’s guests, these villagers see few, if any, outsiders.  They will touch you with their warmth and the children will absolutely steal your hearts!