You will not want to leave Africa without souvenirs and mementos of your stay here, and beautiful handicrafts, tribal jewelry, art and sculptures, wood carvings, woven blankets and metal artifacts are a must, as is fresh coffee grown right in Arusha.  During your safari, there will be an occasional opportunity to shop along the way, at markets erected outside the air strips or by Maasai women in the Ngorongoro Crater.

Lupita Island has a gift shop which offers a wide variety of handmade items and other souvenirs we have collected from markets around Tanzania, as well as hats and shirts with the Lupita Island logo.

However, the best selection of souvenirs can be found in Arusha.  For those who plan an extra day here before or after your safari, don’t miss shopping at the local Maasai Market.  There you will find friendly local merchants who wouldn’t dream of letting you go home empty-handed, as well as tables and tables of beautiful hand-made items for which you are encouraged to negotiate a price.  Although they will accept US dollars, the exchange rate is not favorable, so for the best prices, exchange some dollars into local Tanzania shillings and pay with them.

Another good place to shop is the pricier Arusha Cultural Heritage Centre.  Here you will find various carvings, gemstones, artifacts, clothing, art  and books.  The fabulous Tanzania Heritage Museum is also here, and is well worth a visit for its extensive collection of paintings, sculptures, costumes, photographs, and artifacts from around Tanzania.

Tanzanite is a rare gem found only in the foothills of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.  It is therefore synonymous with Tanzania, making it the perfect souvenir, so the stones and jewelry are quite popular with visitors.

If you find yourself departing empty-handed, don’t despair, as you will find a good selection of shops at the airport.  However, be aware that these stores are located outside of security and make sure that you allow enough time to shop and clear security before your flight boards.