Mwanga Moto | Serengeti

Mwanga Moto Seasonal Tented Camp
Less than an hour by plane from Arusha, this seasonal luxury tented camp in the Serengeti is located amidst the largest and most varied concentration of wildlife on the African continent. The Serengeti, home of the Great Migration of wildebeest and zebra, provides the best chance of seeing the “Big Five” on safari – the buffalo, elephant, lion, leopard and rhinoceros. Mwanga Moto is comprised of eight spacious guest tents, four doubles and four family tents, plus a main tent with dining area, lounge, and library.  The camp is repositioned twice each year within the Serengeti to maintain close proximity to the Great Migration, one of nature’s most amazing spectacles.

What is a Seasonal Tented Camp?

The luxury East African-styled tents in the seasonal tented camp provide king-sized beds, fine linens, solar-powered electricity, and en-suite bathrooms with eco-friendly flush toilets and hot showers. Screened doors and windows look out onto breathtaking natural landscapes, and there is even a screened-in porch which allows you to enjoy your morning coffee or tea while watching the sunrise.  Each tent also features a writing desk and free daily laundry service.

Early morning and late afternoon game drives are the main attraction, and our customized safari vehicles are specially designed for use in rugged African bush.  These Toyota Land Cruisers are open-sided and open-topped, which allows for uninterrupted game viewing.  It is possible to see multiple prides of lion, the rare nocturnal serval cat before breakfast, and thousands of wildebeest before lunch, not to mention countless zebra, giraffe, elephant, hyena, cheetahs and hippos.

But here in the Serengeti, it is all about the Great Migration.  Since our camp is repositioned twice each season, it is always within striking distance, so expect a game drive to see the enormous herds of wildebeest as they make their endless journey.

Like all our guests, you will be dazzled by the quality and sheer variety of dishes our chefs can prepare in the middle of the bush.  Enjoy a hearty breakfast in camp before heading out on an early morning game drive.  Lunch is provided in the bush, and there are always snacks and drinks on the vehicles.

The African sundowner, or happy hour, is an important part of each day, and will materialize in the most unexpected places, allowing for the well-fortified enjoyment of yet another sublime Serengeti sunset.

Finally, after a long but exciting day of game viewing, take a well deserved hot shower before adjourning to the campfire for pre-dinner cocktails and wines. Dinners at Mwanga Moto are a three or four-course affair complemented by a selection of fine wines. After a delightful dinner, relax in the library with an after dinner drink of Amarula or whiskey.