Welcome to The Sundowner!

Sundowner on Lake TanganyikaA sundowner is an African happy hour, a time when friends gather to relax, enjoy yet another spectacular sunset, and reflect on the day’s events.  It’s the perfect opportunity to share with you the wonders of Tanzania.

We have been providing luxury safaris since 1989. With beautiful properties in the legendary Serengeti, the wilderness of Katavi National Park, and the paradise of Lupita Island on Lake Tanganyika, our safaris offer the best of Tanzania with the ideal blend of luxury and adventure.

It’s World Elephant Day

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If you’ve ever seen elephants up close and personal on safari, then you know what magnificent creatures they are and what an enormous loss it would be if they no longer roamed the earth. Today… read more

Zebras in Tanzania

Why Do Zebras Have Stripes?

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There are three species of zebra, including these Plains zebra found in the Serengeti. Their striking stripes are unique to each animal.  Embryological evidence indicates that zebras are black animals with white stripes, and not the… read more