What is a Seasonal Tented Camp?

Our mobile tented camp is repositioned three times each year to follow the Great Migration.
Our mobile tented camp is repositioned three times each year within the Serengeti to follow the Great Migration.

A seasonal tented camp is a non-permanent safari camp which can be completely disassembled and relocated as desired.  A big advantage of this type of camp, other than mobility, is a much smaller environmental footprint than a permanent camp or lodge.

Here in the Serengeti, it is all about the Great Migration.  One of nature’s most amazing events, the Great Migration refers to the constant movement of millions of wildebeest, zebra and gazelles in search of fresh grass.  There is no specific season for the Migration; it is a year-round circuit from the southern Serengeti in Tanzania, up into the Maasai Mara region of southern Kenya, then back down into the Serengeti again.

The best way to ensure that our guests can see the Great Migration no matter when they visit is simply to follow it!  Therefore, we reposition our mobile camp twice a year within the Serengeti. From December through March, when the animals of the Great Migration are in the southern part of the Serengeti, our seasonal camp is positioned in Ndutu in the south to optimize the game viewing experience.   In June we move to Kogatende in the northernmost part of the Serengeti, near the Mara River and the Kenyan border.  Our mobility allows us to always be within striking distance, so guests can expect a game drive to see the enormous herds of wildebeest as they make their endless journey.